Farthest than ever!

It’s not the best wake-up for a Sunday morning when you have to ride to the farthest of the tracks, unless it’s a sandy track like Chieve! I had so much fun despite the incredible amount of bugs everywhere!

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Gamellona never betrays

As I already said yesterday, it’s a pleasure to work on such a track like Paroldo’s La Gamellona, mainly because it’s designed to host also photographers and videomakers. This translates in further security with respect to average tracks that are only designed for riders.

Enough talk now, let’s have a look at some action!

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Pics from Paroldo!

And here we go again with the pictures from last weekend’s race! We were on one of my favorites tracks, Paroldo: even though almost on the mountains, always worth coming all the way there. I am in deep love with those sexy turns and ups and downs; I feel better after working a Sunday over there, no kidding!

Check out the pictures! 🙂

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End of summer in Cassano Spinola

Though summer is not officially over, I think this may well be the last time we see such a good weather during the 2016 MX1-MX2 Motocross Championship. This weekend we’ve been in Cassano Spinola, a wonderful track, completely immersed in the green and very well prepared, I must admit.

Check out the gallery!

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Singing in the rain

Very much like Frank Sinatra, last weekend I was deep in mud and rain, though I wasn’t singing. I was shooting an amazing race which ended up with great shots and these videos that you’re about to see!

Check them out and tell me what you think!

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Rain won’t stop us!

The rain won’t stop us, that’s for sure! Last weekend in Pinerolo has been very rainy and muddy, but I love it because riders are challenged to do their best to push the limits and still be able to control their bikes. I don’t blame anyone for not coming to the race but those who did come are heroes to me: we are the limits we break and that’s what those guys did so fiercely.

Check out the gallery!

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