Bosch’s Fatbike press trip

Last week I was working on this amazing project that brought me to the mountains close to Aosta (Courmayeur to be precise) in order to document the press trip that Bosch Italy had organized for a few selected journalists in order for them to try fatbikes on the snow. Quite a challenge to ride them in deep snow while shooting too, but so much fun! We had a blast riding these wonderful pieces of advanced technology that I’m thinking about buying one!

Check out the gallery below!

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Memorial Colombo: three years later

It’s always something that deeply involves me to participate to the Memorial MOTOASI.IT holds every year in November in memory of the family that tragically died at one of their competitions. It’s wonderful to see such a huge participation of people for an event whose income goes straight into charity.

Have a look at the pictures and prey for those poor people.

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Brand new track!

I’m always thrilled when I have to go on a brand new track like the one just built in Ottobiano! I love new challenges and new tracks mean new great pictures to unveil! I had plenty of fun last Sunday and I hope you can see that on the brief gallery I’m attaching below!

Cross on!

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Latest MX2 race for 2016

Quite a foggy day for the last MX2 race for 2016! It only dissolved at 2pm! It was an unbelievable feeling to be there with all that fog and definitely one of the greatest challenges to shoot good pictures in such bad weather conditions!

Check out the gallery!

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I hate bugs

Yes I know you probably won’t notice from the videos, but they were there. Lots of them. I’m talking about bugs. We’re having this wave of invasion in Italy that will continue until the real cold is coming. Meanwhile, producing video in such places full of bugs is becoming a nightmare. Despite that, I did my best job as usual, so be sure to check out the clips!

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Farthest than ever!

It’s not the best wake-up for a Sunday morning when you have to ride to the farthest of the tracks, unless it’s a sandy track like Chieve! I had so much fun despite the incredible amount of bugs everywhere!

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Last time in Pinerolo?

This might have been my last time on the track of Pinerolo due to ownership troubles, but that’s why I decided to make the most out of it, even though it was predicted to be a cold rainy day. Fortunately, it did not rain at all and we were so lucky to even see the sun around midday. Too bad for the cold breeze that was killing us.

Perfect lighting conditions, the ones I love the most and a great day out there! Check out the gallery below!

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Gamellona never betrays

As I already said yesterday, it’s a pleasure to work on such a track like Paroldo’s La Gamellona, mainly because it’s designed to host also photographers and videomakers. This translates in further security with respect to average tracks that are only designed for riders.

Enough talk now, let’s have a look at some action!

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