Easter eggs on track!

Here’s an alternative way to spend your Easter: take some motocross riders, a track and loads of fun. Thank mix all together and shake it. This is what comes out: even with a threatening weather, we pulled out a wonderful day and we even saw the sun eventually.

Would do this all my life if I could!

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Motocross – Ottobiano

Finally a sunny day in Ottobiano for the first race of the 2016 MOTOASI.IT MX1 championship. We had 24 girls racing and we are very proud of being the host of the biggest motocross events for ladies in Italy so far! Very exciting to see all these athletes getting ready for their season as we tip off in this new year’s adventure.

Here’s my gallery as usual!

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Rivarolo Canavese – Motocross

Last sunday was all about Motocross! The MOTOASI.IT MX2 Championship has finally begun and to begin with, we had almost three hundred riders! What a number to start! Though I know the track like my pockets, I had several chance to take great shots and I did!

Check out my selection of the very best!

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Motocross – Dorno

Riprende anche la stagione crossistica! Finalmente direi! Stare lontano dalle piste quasi tutto l’inverno è una pausa davvero lunga e infatti sono tornato volentieri in pista nonostante la quantità di fango che si è accumulata ai bordi della pista di Dorno.

La prima preview dell’anno è questa! Giornata nebbiosa e uggiosa se ce n’è una ma come sempre l’abbiamo spuntata 🙂

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Nuova intervista sul Blog di Emma Fassio!

Recently, Emma Fassio asked me an interview, which I gladly made, in order to sponsor my new set of photography courses starting in March: here it is, enjoy it! Obviously, I won’t anticipate anything inside it because it’s just about spending three minutes on her blog, which is amazing.What are you waiting for?

Corporate shooting – Laura Benetti

Last week was about to get started again with my photography job and I did that with a very interesting project for the website renewal of Laura Benetti, an account who I happen to work every now and then. The location wasn’t very easy because of the mess we found inside, but we managed to pull out some good shots anyway.

As usual, pre-production work pays off the moment you find yourself in a rush to get some specific images, which we did in a few hours. Great fun as usual and a huge project ahead which I’ll talk about very soon!

Take a look at the gallery!

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K0rto – Press event

This week I’ve witnessed and pictured the press call of k0rto, a fresh and innovative web service to cultivate the kind of vegetables you want (according to seasons) and totally customizable. If you care about nutrition (and you live in North of Italy), you should definitely check it out because it’s a very promising startup which is getting a lot of traction since its launch last week.

My job at the event was to tell the story behind the press call and make visible all the VIP’s in the room: as usual, this is my selection, please check it out and tell me what you think about it.

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2015 motocross season with MOTOASI.IT

So long for the 2015 motocross season that ended last weekend by MOTOASI.IT and welcome 2016! I had the pleasure to select among my very best shots of 2015 and it was a demanding job because I had to choose in order to tell something, the story of the year. Now, that’s something kind of difficult to present when you are ginve only 33 frames.

I had to reject some of my best shots because they were not coherent with the story, but I’m really satisfied with what came up in the end. Check it out and tell me what you think about it!

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A week with Taurus

It’s been a tough week working outdoor to collect all the pictures I needed to make up this timelapse. And it’s been very frustrating post processing these images in order to get the result I wanted.

But it was worth it. Definitely.

This corporate shooting was commissioned by Taurus (with which I have already worked before as you can see here and here), in order to show their magnificent machine in action. I hope you enjoy the timelapse and in case you are wondering how I did it, the answer is a simple GoPro 😉

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