One2One Challenge

Last Sunday I had great fun watching and shooting the people that workout at my box at Crossfit Torino, who challenged themselves in a crowded competition called One2One Challenge. Great day, neck-breaking sun and great results for the guys, since there were more than three hundred athletes competing.

I love this game!

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COS training!

During these weeks COS, a network of entrepreneurs, is hosting a series of appointment meant to be a training its members towards the successful usage of the network they create weekly. I was called to photograph those events and I appreciate very much what I heard, since I share the same vision.

Have a look at what I’ve done!

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Vercelli’s quarry

Motocross Sunday as usual, this time around in the quarry of Vercelli: one of my favorite tracks that always fascinates me. Sun, rain, cold, hot, we saw almost every weather condition during the day and I had loads of fun!

Check out the gallery!

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Press conference – Opel

Last wednesday I was at the Salone dell’Automobile in Turin, in order to photograph the press conference by the CEO of Opel Italy. It’s been fun and tough at the same time because of the unexpected number of journalists and reporters at the event. However, I managed to get my work done and I think I did a good job. As usual, you judge  😉

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Rain won’t stop us!

The rain won’t stop us, that’s for sure! Last weekend in Pinerolo has been very rainy and muddy, but I love it because riders are challenged to do their best to push the limits and still be able to control their bikes. I don’t blame anyone for not coming to the race but those who did come are heroes to me: we are the limits we break and that’s what those guys did so fiercely.

Check out the gallery!

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Reg. MX2 Dorno

Another great race yesterday in Dorno (PV) where MOTOASI.IT brought more than two hundred people for the third MX2 Regional Race. Blinding sun but chilly air made this spring day way better than last time I was there, where fog and cold (plus mud) were all over the place. Riders fired up since we’re in the middle of the motocross season and it’s time to get results. Maybe not my light but I did a pretty good job. Be sure to check it out!

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Aviatronik corporate shooting

A few days ago I was shooting a very challenging business: Aviatronik, a metrological corporation based in North of Italy. With a very specific core business, which fortunately I knew something about because I used to work in the field before being a photographer, it’s been a tough challenge to depict. Together with the web designer, Claudio Naldi CD of Atomz Media Ltd (London), we decided to go for an interesting effect by using light painting for the opening image. Being this one of the very few accredited labsfor metrological quality check in Italy, we decided we wanted to see this right away. How? By painting a complex sinusoid across the frame with different colors. It’s been quite demanding to get the light effects I wanted but eventually I made it and I’m very proud of the final result. Another value we wanted to highlight was the human presence: every company is made of persons, despite the business, and this is something the previous website of Aviatronik did not carry all too well. That’s why you’ll see a lot of hands in the final selection: we really wanted to shot that there’s someone behind all those instruments.

Check out the gallery, I hope you like it!

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Trofarello MX race

Great MX racing day in Trofarello last sunday! By the way, that was my very first time on the track and I always enjoy these kind of situations where you are forced to see new things. I just love it. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time for the whole track because of the videos but I think I pulled out a pretty good job. You decide!

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