End of summer in Cassano Spinola

Though summer is not officially over, I think this may well be the last time we see such a good weather during the 2016 MX1-MX2 Motocross Championship. This weekend we’ve been in Cassano Spinola, a wonderful track, completely immersed in the green and very well prepared, I must admit.

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Torino Street Style Festival 2016

Mi è stato chiesto di coprire gli eventi promozionali dal proprietario di Crossfit Torino in occasione del Torino Street Style Festival: sostanzialmente un evento che porta per strada una serie di sport di modo che tutti possano provare cose nuove. Era un pezzo che non fotografavo il Crossfit ma sembra che non abbia perso il tocco magico 🙂

Date un’occhiata alla gallery!

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The best camp!

I know it’s just an opinion, but I truly think that the Freelance Camp i THE camp not to miss when you’re either an entrepreneur or a small-sized company. Not only is it a weekend where you learn a lot about different aspects of your business, it is also a weekend full of networking with like-minded people that truly understand what you say. Don’t forget it’s on the seaside and that means there is a chilling framework that makes things way easier.

I have had the honour of shooting this event and witnessing the positive attitude of each participant and I can’t but feel already nostalgic of the event. While I wait for next year’s go check out the pictures below!

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Newly renovated school close to Turin

Last week I completed a very interesting and challenging project in a school in Ceresole d’Alba, very close to Turin. It was an architecture shooting where I was supposed to depict all the makeup work a design company has done throughout the summer in this very school. I love architecture photography and I had so much fun shooting the inside of this (now) beautiful building I couldn’t stop taking pictures. Below you’ll see some of the very best picture I took, I hope you like them.

Furthermore, I also made a 360 VR photographic tour that you can see here: basically it draws you in, like you were actually visiting the building. This is a wonderful tool to showcase jobs like this one and I can’t wait to make more of them!

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360 VR Turin is here!

It’s been a tough week around the city in order to develop a personal project that I made about my city, Turin. I wanted to help showing off the best monuments and must-go places around the city, hence I carried my 360 Virtual Reality camera and I travelled by bike around the city. It’s been a fun adventure even though I was doing it early in the morning not to interfere with my regular job, but I’m very proud of the outcome.

The selection I’m showing down here is only a small portion of the amount of pictures I took and stitched together in order to have the 360 VR final view. Totally worth it! I hope you like them too!

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Dornoland – the hottest track

Man that was a hot day on a track! Last Sunday I was in Dorno, one of the most famous tracks in Italy but it was unbelievably hot down there! I don’t know how, but we managed to pull off a great competition with very nice pictures and videos that you’ll see very soon.

For now, sit back, relax and enjoy the gallery!

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Still life for DESA

Still life photography may not be something I do every day, but for sure it’s something I enjoy to do every now and then. Being a pro photographer means you have to pay your bills first of all and that’s what this kind of jobs is all about. Not as adrenalinic as Motocross but still very useful to keep challenging yourself to do something out of your comfort zone.

Hope you like them!

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New office, new life!

Last Thursday I witnessed the opening of a new friend’s office, Luca Coccolo, working at Studio CO&CO, in Turin. Very nice receipt party and very friendly people animated the night. Obviously the point of having a photographer was to briefly show the new office and also to portray smiling people, which I did 🙂

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