Mazda CX-3 Meeting 2016

Saturday the 11th I had the exclusive chance to work for Mazda in order to produce the clip summing up the day spent around Turin. Tough event though I enjoyed every bit of that and that’s why I made such a good work: great organization, nice weather and everything that ran really smooth throughout the day. I really hope I showed the beauty of the city and of the locations we went to, even though it’s been difficult due to the amount of events that were going on at the same time for the Salone dell’Automobile.

Without further due, I present you what I made. Please enjoy it and feel free to share it!

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New office, new life!

Last Thursday I witnessed the opening of a new friend’s office, Luca Coccolo, working at Studio CO&CO, in Turin. Very nice receipt party and very friendly people animated the night. Obviously the point of having a photographer was to briefly show the new office and also to portray smiling people, which I did 🙂

Check out the gallery!

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COS training!

During these weeks COS, a network of entrepreneurs, is hosting a series of appointment meant to be a training its members towards the successful usage of the network they create weekly. I was called to photograph those events and I appreciate very much what I heard, since I share the same vision.

Have a look at what I’ve done!

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Press conference – Opel

Last wednesday I was at the Salone dell’Automobile in Turin, in order to photograph the press conference by the CEO of Opel Italy. It’s been fun and tough at the same time because of the unexpected number of journalists and reporters at the event. However, I managed to get my work done and I think I did a good job. As usual, you judge  😉

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Progetto Dermablend L’Oreal

During the last two months I’ve been around the Turin area to shoot and edit a series of corporate videos under the Dermablend Project by L’Oreal, the famous brand of the makeup artists. This series covers a wide range of pharmacies that are giving out free makeup suggestions to clients in need to do a quick makeup by themselves.

Unfortunately, due to corporate restrictions, you will have to watch the clips I made on Vimeo at this link, I hope you enjoy them!

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Residential 360 video

Here’s another VR project I’m tackling with the help of my 360 video equipment: residential homes for sale/rent brought to anyone simply by using VR capabilities offered by YouTube. Simply put, people need to see for themselves before buying or renting a house and VR is here to help. What I added is a bit of a story, a simple person that goes around the house in order to make the video easier to follow and also to give a sense of dimension to the house.

This is a project I’m going to carry out for the whole year for several real estate companies, so be sure to check back to see the advances 😉

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Aviatronik corporate shooting

A few days ago I was shooting a very challenging business: Aviatronik, a metrological corporation based in North of Italy. With a very specific core business, which fortunately I knew something about because I used to work in the field before being a photographer, it’s been a tough challenge to depict. Together with the web designer, Claudio Naldi CD of Atomz Media Ltd (London), we decided to go for an interesting effect by using light painting for the opening image. Being this one of the very few accredited labsfor metrological quality check in Italy, we decided we wanted to see this right away. How? By painting a complex sinusoid across the frame with different colors. It’s been quite demanding to get the light effects I wanted but eventually I made it and I’m very proud of the final result. Another value we wanted to highlight was the human presence: every company is made of persons, despite the business, and this is something the previous website of Aviatronik did not carry all too well. That’s why you’ll see a lot of hands in the final selection: we really wanted to shot that there’s someone behind all those instruments.

Check out the gallery, I hope you like it!

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Showcase USA – Italy

Last weekend I had the pleasure and honor to work for the American Embassy based in Milan, which was organizing a corporate event in my hometown, Torino. It was an event meant for Italian tour operator to meet their American counterpart, as well as venues inside the US looking to expand their business. A huge event held in arguably the best hotel in Turin, the Principi di Piemonte, plus an exclusive reception ceremony inside the Mole Antonelliana.

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Nuova intervista sul Blog di Emma Fassio!

Recently, Emma Fassio asked me an interview, which I gladly made, in order to sponsor my new set of photography courses starting in March: here it is, enjoy it! Obviously, I won’t anticipate anything inside it because it’s just about spending three minutes on her blog, which is amazing.What are you waiting for?

Corporate shooting – Laura Benetti

Last week was about to get started again with my photography job and I did that with a very interesting project for the website renewal of Laura Benetti, an account who I happen to work every now and then. The location wasn’t very easy because of the mess we found inside, but we managed to pull out some good shots anyway.

As usual, pre-production work pays off the moment you find yourself in a rush to get some specific images, which we did in a few hours. Great fun as usual and a huge project ahead which I’ll talk about very soon!

Take a look at the gallery!

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