Restored palace in Savigliano

I was recently called to document the end of the reconstruction project of Palazzo Muratori Cravetta based in Savigliano, a historical building that is going to host a museum soon. In order to appreciate the clean renewal, my client asked me to shoot before the museum was set up and so I did.

Have a look at the gallery and enjoy the view!

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Newly renovated school close to Turin

Last week I completed a very interesting and challenging project in a school in Ceresole d’Alba, very close to Turin. It was an architecture shooting where I was supposed to depict all the makeup work a design company has done throughout the summer in this very school. I love architecture photography and I had so much fun shooting the inside of this (now) beautiful building I couldn’t stop taking pictures. Below you’ll see some of the very best picture I took, I hope you like them.

Furthermore, I also made a 360 VR photographic tour that you can see here: basically it draws you in, like you were actually visiting the building. This is a wonderful tool to showcase jobs like this one and I can’t wait to make more of them!

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360 VR Turin is here!

It’s been a tough week around the city in order to develop a personal project that I made about my city, Turin. I wanted to help showing off the best monuments and must-go places around the city, hence I carried my 360 Virtual Reality camera and I travelled by bike around the city. It’s been a fun adventure even though I was doing it early in the morning not to interfere with my regular job, but I’m very proud of the outcome.

The selection I’m showing down here is only a small portion of the amount of pictures I took and stitched together in order to have the 360 VR final view. Totally worth it! I hope you like them too!

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Nuova intervista sul Blog di Emma Fassio!

Recently, Emma Fassio asked me an interview, which I gladly made, in order to sponsor my new set of photography courses starting in March: here it is, enjoy it! Obviously, I won’t anticipate anything inside it because it’s just about spending three minutes on her blog, which is amazing.What are you waiting for?

Taurus – aerial platforms (again)

Do you remember last corporate shooting I made for Taurus, the Italian aerial platform company, a few weeks ago? If you don’t, check it out, otherwise just have a look at today’s gallery where I’m showing you the key factors involved in this project. Neat work, perfectly planned and scheduled in every single detail as to make it as an efficient day as possible. Great professionalism and fun as usual!

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Real estate architecture shooting

I found this architecture shooting very interesting and challenging because it’s always very difficult not just taking a bunch of photos of a house, but to truly describe it. As you might understand, I can’t tell where this place is because of the contract with the real estate agency I was shooting for, but you can see for yourself it’s a marvellous place, no doubt about it.

Can’t wait to work for the next project. If you need any information about my real estate photography, don’t hesitate and contact me! more “Real estate architecture shooting”

Taurus – Aerial Platforms Corporate Shooting

This is the gallery from last week’s corporate shooting made for Taurus, an Italian aerial platform company that can do amazing jobs when it’s about going high, I mean very high! In this case, they contacted me because they needed to show what they were doing in the very center of Turin, Italy. Quite a tough job since they were to go above the building in order to be able to work on the rooftop. Check out the amazing work! more “Taurus – Aerial Platforms Corporate Shooting”

Le Lampados corporate shooting

It’s great to have the chance to work with so many different people and so great corporate environment such as the one I had the privilege to visit a few days ago. Le Lampados (which you may also find here) is a beauty farm that has just remade its shop and therefore the owner wanted a set of new images for her website. more “Le Lampados corporate shooting”