Tour virtuale Cineca

Recently I had the chance to be contacted by Cineca, the Italian Consortium that provides Universities with computational power in order to ease scientific research calculations. For the coming “Researcher’s night” they would have liked to show their core business in a total new and fresh way by using 360 VR technology. And that’s when I come in!

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Newly renovated school close to Turin

Last week I completed a very interesting and challenging project in a school in Ceresole d’Alba, very close to Turin. It was an architecture shooting where I was supposed to depict all the makeup work a design company has done throughout the summer in this very school. I love architecture photography and I had so much fun shooting the inside of this (now) beautiful building I couldn’t stop taking pictures. Below you’ll see some of the very best picture I took, I hope you like them.

Furthermore, I also made a 360 VR photographic tour that you can see here: basically it draws you in, like you were actually visiting the building. This is a wonderful tool to showcase jobs like this one and I can’t wait to make more of them!

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360 VR Turin is here!

It’s been a tough week around the city in order to develop a personal project that I made about my city, Turin. I wanted to help showing off the best monuments and must-go places around the city, hence I carried my 360 Virtual Reality camera and I travelled by bike around the city. It’s been a fun adventure even though I was doing it early in the morning not to interfere with my regular job, but I’m very proud of the outcome.

The selection I’m showing down here is only a small portion of the amount of pictures I took and stitched together in order to have the 360 VR final view. Totally worth it! I hope you like them too!

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Speed COS – 360 VR recap

Last month I had the privilege of telling the story of an event named Speed COS, a business speed dating event for professionals. I was asked to do something fresh since it is an assignment for a young network of professionals. That is why I chose to make it a 360 VR video: it’s an amazing way to tell stories when you want to bring the viewer inside what you’re showing. In this case, I needed to show both the venue, what was happening and how it worked, hence it was the perfect tool to recap everything from that day in just under a minute.

Grab your phone, use the YouTube link below and enjoy this 360 VR video by moving around your cell, I’m sure you’ll like it!

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Primo per la seconda volta

Ancora una volta arrivo per primo con i video in realtà virtuale a 360°! Abbiamo portato di nuovo in pista il necessario per restituire un’esperienza di visione unica ai ragazzi di MOTOASI.IT. Sulla pista di Dorno, infatti, è troppo pericoloso stare nei pressi della prima curva, dunque il pubblico è costretto a vedere la gara da lontano.

Grazie ai miei video 360, che sono sempre i primi in Italia in ambito sportivo, riusciamo a portare gli spettatori direttamente lì dove non possono stare e godersi appieno la partenza.

Inutile dire che sono molto fiero di tutto questo!

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Residential 360 video

Here’s another VR project I’m tackling with the help of my 360 video equipment: residential homes for sale/rent brought to anyone simply by using VR capabilities offered by YouTube. Simply put, people need to see for themselves before buying or renting a house and VR is here to help. What I added is a bit of a story, a simple person that goes around the house in order to make the video easier to follow and also to give a sense of dimension to the house.

This is a project I’m going to carry out for the whole year for several real estate companies, so be sure to check back to see the advances 😉

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First 360 sport video in Italy

There you go: the very first 360 video in Italy during a sports event! And I made it! I’m so very proud of this! It’s been a long journey the one in 360 videos (and it’s not over fortunately) but I successfully made it and now you’ll see more and more of these videos on my website!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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