One and a half million views

I was pretty stoked when I realized that this video I’ve been working on a couple of years ago, now got to more than a million and a half views.

This video has been both featured on Shopfy’s app store and was used by our performance marketing team to gather qualified leads in the span of almost two years.

I am so proud to be working with this marketing team that makes wonder happen day after day!

The biggest brand channel in ecommerce

Yes sir, we made it: Oberlo is now officially the biggest brand channel in the ecommerce niche!

Subscriber data coming from SocialBlade

As of today, we surpassed the (previously) biggest ecommerce brand channel, nothing less than Shopify.

It’s been a long run since I set out to make Oberlo’s the biggest brand channel in ecommerce back in 2017, but we finally made and I am super proud of this achievement.

Now on to the next step, making it to a million subscribers in the next few years!

200k subscribers on Oberlo’s YouTube channel!

It is just beyond imagination that in less than 9 months we got from 100k to 200k subscribers on our YouTube channel (Oberlo)

200k subs on YouTube

I am beyond stoked of this great achievement that brings us one step closer to becoming the biggest YouTube brand channel in the ecommerce niche (though I’m not sure you can call it niche since it’s so big).

The key to this growth was really stepping up our work in terms of listening to our audience and really give them the content they were looking for, both from a practical point of view and from an inspirational one.

Now not much left to become the biggest ecommerce brand channel on YouTube!

Generation Berlin – 2019

I haven’t posted any update about the project that I work on as director of photography not because I’m lazy, but just because we’ve been working on it non stop for almost every weekend during this summer.

I love the Generation Berlin crew: we’re a great team, laser-focused on results and I believe what we’re accomplishing with this pilot episode will be nothing short of amazing, as soon as it’s released.

While we’re still waiting for a trailer, here are a few of the best shots so far.

Alan biliardo
Alan pistola
Alan specchio
Aly ponte
Stella crisi panico
Aly nottte
Aly doccia

Guest post on Shopify’s blog (in Italian)

Recently I had the honor and pleasure to write a guest post on Shopify’s blog in Italian. Since Shopify audience is entrepreneurs, I decided to couple my expertise in YouTube marketing to give valuable advice to all those small and medium businesses looking for starting out on YouTube in 2019.

YouTube is still an untapped source of free traffic for a lot of businesses and, especially in Italy, there is still plenty of opportunities to get ahead of the pack and start out a successful brand channel.

If you’re interested in learning the 7 free strategies to get traction on YouTube in 2019, you can go ahead and read about it at the following link

And if you wanna learn more about YouTube marketing in general, you can always have a look at my other project called YouTubeLab.

100k subscribers on the Oberlo channel!

100k subscribers on Oberlo YouTube channel, we made it!

When I started this journey back in 2017 and I had a channel with about 2k subscribers, it seemed to me it would have taken ages to get such a niche channel to grow so much.

But then hard work coupled with listening to our audience and lots of YouTube marketing expertise that I developed, made it possible for our small team to achieve this big result.

The very moment we crossed the 100k subscribers threshold

Overall it took about fifteen months to get to a hundred thousand subscribers and a little less than a hundred videos.

Now on to the next step, becoming the biggest ecommerce brand channel on YouTube!

YouTube 101: my first video course

I’ve been tinkering with the idea of creating a video course to teach brands YouTube marketing for a while and finally, I made it.

Today I released my first video course in YouTube marketing called YouTube 101

It is basically a primer for all those that want to start a YouTube channel and want to do it the right way. I based this video course on my expertise in video marketing and specifically in YouTube marketing to teach as many valuable lessons as possible on how to go about

  • Setting up a YouTube channel
  • Making the first video (gear, script, etc)
  • Design the videos with promotion in mind
  • Grow the channel thanks to validated strategies
  • and more

If you’re curious about it, go check it out now! You can find it here

Generation Berlin: pilot episode

Nelle ultime settimane siamo sul set di Generation Berlin per l’episodio pilota che sarà pronto più in là durante l’anno. Per il momento l’esperienza da Direttore della Fotografia mi sta dando parecchie soddisfazioni nonostante sia un ruolo indubbiamente pieno di sfide.

Questa gallery è solo un’anteprima di cosa stiamo facendo quindi stay tuned 😉

Pushing the boundaries of performance ads

When you think about an ad that works for YouTube, most of the time you think of something that is cinematic, very expensive and above all very complex.

You couldn’t be further from the truth

Here at Oberlo, we recently started challenging our own assumptions about what makes a great ad and above all what makes for an effective ad.

So we came up with this

watch the ad here

Basically what we did is tapping into the curiosity of our audience to see how much they were willing to wait to know what the ad was about.

The results were incredible: the average watch retention was beyond 80% which is insane for an ad. Usually, they average between 5% and 20%, but we were able to make it so interesting that the audience would stick until the end to see what was waiting for them at the end of the ad.

This ad is just the first step we’re taking to understand how to rewrite how we think about ads and their effectiveness, but it’s really promising.