Pushing the boundaries of performance ads

When you think about an ad that works for YouTube, most of the time you think of something that is cinematic, very expensive and above all very complex.

You couldn’t be further from the truth

Here at Oberlo, we recently started challenging our own assumptions about what makes a great ad and above all what makes for an effective ad.

So we came up with this

watch the ad here https://youtu.be/1g4LjQy4mxQ

Basically what we did is tapping into the curiosity of our audience to see how much they were willing to wait to know what the ad was about.

The results were incredible: the average watch retention was beyond 80% which is insane for an ad. Usually, they average between 5% and 20%, but we were able to make it so interesting that the audience would stick until the end to see what was waiting for them at the end of the ad.

This ad is just the first step we’re taking to understand how to rewrite how we think about ads and their effectiveness, but it’s really promising.

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