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From sports photography to corporate: I can help you with everything that makes your business shine. Whether it’s the coverage of an event your company organised or a video clip that shows your key values, I do help your business look better and highlight your activity.

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Video can be powerful and engaging, we all know that. I help you communicate your values through a well planned storytelling. You need the best stories for your products and I help you craft them, from top to bottom.

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Real estate architecture shooting
Real estate architecture shooting
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Quando ho bisogno di immagini e/o video per la mia azienda so sempre a chi chiedere. E' importante saper comunicare i valori del mio studio, oltre ad essere in grado di nobilitare sempre che devo raccontare con immagini. Roberto è una garanzia.

Stefano Roffinella Owner of Studio B&S 11/11/2015

Crossfit Weightlifting Workshops

Le foto di Roberto raccontano storie di passione e valori positivi, elemento imprescindibile nella promozione della mia azienda nel mondo del Crossfit

Stanislav Simala Owner at Crossfit Torino 11/11/2015